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This neat little keyring is set to be the next big craze! As well as looking funky and stylish, this 'X'ecutive toy is really practical too - as absolutely everyone has a use for Nitestik.

Whatever you use them for, they will glow faithfully for up to 10 years and brighten up whatever you attach them to.

The list of uses for this fantastic product is endless, here are just a few-:

  • Ideal keyring - never lose your keys in the dark again - great for finding keyholes in the pitch black after a night out!

  • Pet collar tag - for the nocturnal feline/canine wanderer

  • Camping gear - attach to tents, kit, mallets, corner pegs, torches, you name it and it will glow

  • Fishing gear tag light

  • Emergency equipment

  • Handbag light - ladies find your keys instantly, no more searching required!

  • Fashion accessory

What else can you possibly buy that is this useful, this cheap and will last this long?